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Why hello, I didn’t see you there from my unsensing place within the shapeless ether of the internet. My name is a web page, and Colin McLeod designed me to sell you to him by telling you a bit about him and what he does.

Colin is a fantastic bearded mountain man.

But Please Do, Tell Us More

It is more accurate to say he was a fantastic bearded mountain man. Now that he’s moved from his home turf of Salt Lake City, UT to the lively and heterogeneous Long Beach, CA, he’s just a fantastic bearded man.

But he’s more than a beard —more than a man— McLeod is a being of wild passions and untamed desires, but also one of study and calculation. He combines the plastic intelligence of a writer with the analytical intelligence of a different writer criticizing the first one.

I’m Intrigued, Give Us a Story

When he was a student at the school of hard knocks, or as it is known more generally, the University of Utah Department of Humanities, where he studied the hard facts of life, or as we like to call them, books, he was fortunate enough to take an internship at a local law firm. During his semester with Christensen & Hymas, Colin gained a solid understanding in the fundamentals of online marketing, and honed his writerly sword to a sharp edge.

When finishing his Bachelor’s degree in English, he used these newly made skills to work as a freelance copywriter, and, through his deft maneuvering, was able to parlay this experience into a full time position with yet another law firm, Felahy Employment Lawyers, where he plied the trade of digital marketing, raising this new firm’s profile and increasing organic search traffic while optimizing their website to generate leads, and running online ad campaigns.

Online marketing for lawyers is a tough game, in fact you can read some of what he has to say about the subject in this socialfirestarter blog post, but he persevered through hardship, and he and the firm were better for it. So peruse these pages to see the fruit of one man’s toil and effort.

Wait, so What is Really Happening Here?

This site is mainly a repository for reposting work published on other sites, as  a live CV, and as an exemplar of my favorite academic writing and fiction. For a less focused approach, and for more regular updates, you can visit my personal blog at droppingslow.wordpress.com. Use the navbar at the top to see some of my favorite selections in each category, or visit the my blog section to see a scrolly view of every post here.

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